Sunshine Hotel Ltd (t/a Palm Court Hotel) v Goddard UKEAT/0154/19/OO

Appeal against the ET’s decision that the Claimant was unfairly dismissed. Appeal dismissed.

The Claimant was dismissed by the Respondent for alleged misconduct. He brought a claim in the ET for unfair dismissal and wrongful dismissal. The ET, having made a number of findings that included identifying that there was a serious procedural failing because there was no investigation hearing, decided that the dismissal was unfair. The Respondent appealed on the ground that the ET had erred in apparently considering that a failure to hold an investigatory meeting was determinative in rendering the dismissal unfair.

The EAT held that the ET had identified the correct questions, carefully examined the evidence, weighed it fairly (making findings both favourable and unfavourable to each of the parties), and made a decision which was reasonable and disclosed no error of law.

Published: 10/01/2020 15:51