Government publishes results of its employment status review

In short, it's complicated.

The Government has published it's report into employment status and the challenges for the future.

The review was set up by the Coalition government in 2015 as part the then Government's efforts to understand the challenges for striking the "correct balance between the rights of the individual and the needs of business, supporting growth and prosperity in the 21st century"

In short, the message is that it's complicated and there is no optimal solution while the growth of what the author's call 'atypical' working continues. The authors state that:

"a certain lack of clarity will remain for some in atypical work whilst the final arbiter of whether a particular employment relationship exists is the employment tribunal. Even the most radical of options presented, flipping the presumption to one of employment for all unless another relationship could be established, would not address all of these issues."

The report has been published to help inform Lord Taylor's review of modern employment practices which is currently underway. The Taylor Review will consider this document as part of a wider range of evidence.

You can download the full report from

Published: 10/02/2017 09:55

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