Single claims to the Employment Tribunal down 3% last quarter

Latest stats on ET & EAT claims published

The latest case statistics for Employment Tribunals and the EAT have been published by the Ministry of Justice.

The fgures show that

* In April to June 2016, there were 5,100 Employment Tribunal issue fees requested. Of these, 3,300 (64%) cases had the full issue fee paid outright whilst 1,400 (27%) cases were awarded either a full or partial issue fee remission. * The proportion awarded full or partial issue fee remission (27%) has increased by five percentage points compared to the same period in 2015. * A total of 4,200 single claims were received in this quarter, down 3% on April to June 2015. In this quarter, 11,600 multiple claims were received, up 38% on last year, however the number of multiple claims cases they relate to has decreased by 32% to 295. * In April to June 2016, the Employment Tribunal disposed of 3,700 single claims, no change on the same period in 2015. A total of 9,200 multiple claims were disposed of in this quarter, down 29% on April to June 2015. * The mean age of a single claim at disposal in April to June 2016 was 29 weeks, down one week on the same period last year. The mean age of a multiple claim case at disposal was 221 weeks, which is up by 33 weeks on the same period in 2015. * For single claims, the mean age of a case ranged from 24 weeks (for Breach of Contract and Unauthorised Deduction jurisdictions) to 91 weeks for Equal Pay. For multiple claims it ranged from 46 weeks for Others to 390 weeks (over seven years) for Sex Discrimination * Over the financial year 2015/16, 84% of claimants were represented by a lawyer at Employment Tribunals, up from 75% in 2014/15. * There was a total of 144 discrimination cases where compensation was awarded, the maximum amount awarded (£1,762,130) was in the Sex Discrimination jurisdiction.

You can download the full report, which also covers other tribunals, from the MoJ site here.

Published: 08/09/2016 12:55