Justice Committee to investigate tribunal fees

Deadline for written submissions is 30 September

The Justice Committee of the House of Commons has launched an inquiry into what impact  the various trbunal and court fees introduced by the Coalition over the last Parliament have had on access to justice.

They are looking for any views on any aspect of the changes but in particular these questions

* How have the increased court fees and the introduction of employment tribunal fees affected access to justice? How have they affected the volume and quality of cases brought? * How has the court fees regime affected the competitiveness of the legal services market in England and Wales, particularly in an international context? * What have been the effects on defendants of the introduction of the criminal courts charge? Has the criminal courts charge been set at a reasonable and proportionate level? Is the imposition and collection of the charge practicable and, if not, how could that be rectified?

Written submissions, which are required by 30 September, can be made on the inquiry page of the Parliament website.

Published: 22/07/2015 08:21