Employment Claims Toolkit - new rates incorporated

The Employment Claims Toolkit takes the headache out of creating accurate and flexible schedules of loss. Every year, it is updated with the new weekly limit and compensation cap which will be £479 and £78,962 respectively for EDTs on or after 06/04/2016.

The Employment Claims Toolkit automatically picks up the appropriate rate depending on the EDT which means you can always be sure that the correct rate is being used. The rates will be updated in the next day or two.

But the Toolkit does much more than that. It calculates the award after adjustments such as Polkey and contributory fault; it will handle a concurrent wrongful and unfair dismissal without counting those periods twice; it does the grossing up for you (see [Hall v Durham County Council & Ors]() UKEAT/0256/14/MC where the calculation was done incorrectly and Bethnal Green & Shoreditch Education Trust v Dippenaar ; it calculates interest on discrimination claims; and it even calculates the recoupment figure.

Take a look at it here and create your first schedule for free.

Published: 09/03/2016 17:14