Employment Appeal Tribunal (Amendment) Rules 2013

In force from 29 July

2013 No. 1693

These Rules amend the Employment Appeal Tribunal Rules 1993 ("the 1993 Rules"). The main changes are as follows.

Rules 3 and 6 of the 1993 Rules are amended to remove a party's right to an extension of time to provide a fresh notice of appeal (or cross-appeal) where the judge or registrar has decided that the original notice or cross-appeal disclosed no reasonable grounds or amounted to an abuse of Appeal Tribunal process. It also removes a party's right to have the decision reviewed at a hearing where the notice or cross-appeal is considered to be totally without merit.

A new rule 17A is inserted into the 1993 Rules. It introduces a procedure for striking out an appeal on the grounds of non-payment, or failure to seek remission, of a fee payable in respect of the Appeal Tribunal proceedings. It also provides for an application to the registrar to reinstate the proceedings and an appeal from the registrar's reinstatement decision.

Rule 26 of the 1993 Rules is amended to clarify the power of the Appeal Tribunal to strike out an appeal or answer where a party has failed to comply with an order or direction of the Appeal Tribunal. A party must be allowed to make representations as to why the appeal or answer should not be struck out.

Rule 34A of the 1993 Rules is amended to add to the circumstances in which the Appeal Tribunal may award costs against an unsuccessful party. It provides for the reimbursement of any fee paid by the successful party in the Appeal Tribunal proceedings.

Rule 34C(4) of the 1993 Rules is amended to remove the exception which prevents a wasted costs order being made against an unpaid representative.

Made: 9th July 2013 Laid before Parliament: 10th July 2013 Coming tnto force: :29th July 2013

Published: 18/07/2013 21:46