Bullying & Harassment in the Workplace (webcast)

Webcast recorded February 2016. Stephen Levinson of Keystone Law and Darren Newman of In Company Training discuss the legal issues surrounding incidents of bullying and harassment, providing insights into how employers can best handle the problem. Log in as a subscriber to download the webcast and the accompanying slides or buy separately at www.bathpublishing.com

Workplace bullying and harassment problems now generate 20,000 calls a year to Acas demonstrating that it is a growing legal and management issue for both employers and their advisers.

But what, in legal terms, is bullying and harassment? And how should employers respond to any allegations that might arise in their own workplace?

In this webcast Stephen Levinson and Darren Newman set out some of the answers and give practical insights into how advisers and managers should respond to any allegations, touching on:

* The background law: is bullying defined? * How do you establish when bullying or harassment has taken place? * Under what circumstances are employers at risk of being liable? * What other legal remedies and protections might an employee pursue? * What should a policy contain and how should it be supported by the employer?

The session is essential listening for all HR managers and their advisers wishing to know the latest legal thinking about this complex and difficult issue.


Published: 02/04/2016 09:30

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