ACAS handled over 60,000 early conciliations in 2014

Latest figures released covering April to December 2014

ACAS recieved just over 60k Early Conciliation Notices to the end of December 2014 new figures show. The organisation also says that it is now receiving 1,800 notices a week, up from 1,000 a week when the scheme started in April 2014, a rise which they believe is partly attributable to the recent holiday pay decisions.

The vast majoirty of notifications came from employeees (as to be expected) with employer notfications accounting for just over 3% of the total. Allowing for group notifications, the total number of individual employees involved was 76,706.

As for take up, 5,292 (about 8.7%) of employees rejected the offer of early conciliation while 6,868 (11.3%) of employers rejected the offer of conciliation after being notified.

In terms of outcome, of the 37k cases notified between April and September 2014, 8,810 (23.2%) progressed to a Tribunal claim while the remainder either did not go any further or resulted in a COT3 setllement (16.3%).

The complete figures can be read on the ACAS site here.

Published: 05/03/2015 08:22