9,020 single ET claims received between July & September

Represents a rise of 31% on same quarter last year

Single claims received at Employment tribunal (ET) continue to rise following the abolition of ET fees, up by a third this quarter. Single ET claims – this quarter receipts, disposals and caseload outstanding all increased, by 31%, 57% and 77% respectively, compared to the same period in 2017.

Multiple ET claims – receipts and disposals both fell, 37% and 31% respectively this quarter, while caseload outstanding rose by 30%.

20,000 ET fee refund payments have been made as at 30 September 2018, a total value of £15.8m. From the launch of the ET fee refund scheme to 30 September 2018, there were 21,500 applications for refunds received and 20,000 refund payments made, with a total value of £15,825,000. [

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Published: 13/12/2018 12:20

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