Murray v Maclay Murray & Spens LLP UKEATS/0004/18/JW

Appeal against the refusal to allow the Claimant to join as Respondents members of an LLP, who had been members of the practice for whom she had worked. Appeal dismissed.

The claimant lodged a form ET1 citing the Respondent as her former employer. She made claims of lack of notice of dismissal, and of indirect discrimination. The Respondent ceased practice about six months later. The members of the Respondent became Dentons UK and Middle East LLP and a senior employee of that LLP. The claimant became concerned that the Respondent might have no assets. The claimant applied to join as Respondents Dentons UK and Middle East LLP and three individuals, who were partners of the respondents at the time of her dismissal. The employment judge refused both applications and the claimant appealed, arguing that they were each responsible as an individual for indirect discrimination; in terms of the Equality Act 2010 sections 109 and 110, the individuals and the LLP were liable for acts done by the individuals.

The EAT dismissed the appeal. The Claimant had not made any averments which sufficed to place liability on individuals. Her allegations were of indirect discrimination and lack of notice all carried out by the Respondent, that is the LLP.

Published: 16/03/2018 14:57

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