Remedy update: Pension loss in employment claims

Calculating pension loss in employment claims is changing

There are indications that the calculation of pension loss in employment claims is changing. Currently, ET's can, but are not obliged to, use the guidelines which were prepared by the Employment Tribunal and Government Actuary Department. The latest edition was published in 2003 which is now clearly woefully out of date.

We do not have any time scale for any changes, although it is doubtful that anything will be announced this year, nor do we know how the calculations will be done. Some people think that more use will be made of the Ogden tables (as in personal injury claims) and others think that the calculations will be substantially simplified.

It's interesting to note that the site says that the guidelines have now been withdrawn. It's not clear what Tribunals will be using between now and when the new guidelines are published.

Of course, if we hear any news on the developments, we will let you know. Any changes will also be reflected in the Employment Claims Toolkit so you can be sure that you are using the latest calculators.

Published: 29/06/2015 12:07

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