New Practice Directions on holiday pay issued

New Practice Directions published to handle large volumes of application to amend claims now being received.

New Practice Directions concerning claims for unpaid holiday pay have been published by both Presidents of the Employment Tribunals.

The changes are necessary becuse of the large number of applications to amend claims now coming in and to recognise that specification of  the "amount claimed" at this stage may require significant investigations to be undertaken by or on behalf of the claimants.


"In the circumstances we have reached the view that it would be reasonable to minimise the need for claimants' representatives to routinely undertake enquiries at this stage in connection with quantification of the sum claimed in respect of any amendment. We also consider that it is in accordance with the overriding objective to minimise the work which might be required on the part of respondents who may be asked to produce information in connection with payroll matters and the like."

To avoid confusion the Presidents have revoked the Practice Directions issued in December 2014 and replaced them with new amended versions.

The new Practice Directions and an explanatoiry note can be found on the website here.

Published: 27/03/2015 16:12